Thursday, June 18, 2009

Answers to your serger questions

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for teaching us the Sergery 1: Basic Serger class Saturday.  Even though I have used my serger for a number of years I did learn some new things in class.  Would you please remind me of the types of serger thread cones are the best to use.  I checked all of my cones when I got home and found them to be TruLock. -- A

Dear A -- Glad you enjoyed the class and got something from it.  Maxilock is the thread I recommend for consistent, top-quality results.  But go ahead and use your TruLock until it's depleted -- or give it away. SCRAP and Goodwill donations give you a tax deduction.

Hi Sharon -- My serger is a hobby lock made for Pfaff from the 1980’s.  In order to do the gathering/ruffling and other fancy things with the serger do you think that I should trade up for a newer model with a differential drive and the miscellaneous feet attachments that come with the newer machines?  If so what machine do you think is the best on the market today? -- E

Dear E -- If you plan to serge regularly, especially with 2-thread or embellishments, then you might want to trade up.  Babylock Evolve (has a coverlock) and Babylock Imagine are the top of the line.  As I showed in class, they thread the loopers with a puff of air and have a tension dial that not only sets automatically for different kinds of stitches but also senses the different kinds of fabric.  If you don't want to spend that kind of money, then look for a Husqvarna 936 computer overlock/coverlock. It has a wider hole for accepting fabric than the Babylocks.  Even less spendy is the Janome 634D.

I use the 936 and 634D as my school machines.  They've taken a lot of abuse from students and keep on ticking.  I don't use the Evolve and Imagine in my school because I keep them too busy myself!  They too are workhorses and have not given me an ounce of trouble.

But if you plan to use only 4-thread for wovens or 3-thread for knits and your Pfaff is working well, then stick with it!  

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