Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knit a scarf in two hours

Fifteen people stood and watched. And all Lisa Silveira was trying to do was set up her knitting machine. By the time she had started knitting, they had brought up chairs so they could sit and watch.
Lisa drew a crowd at Sunday's Open House to showcase apparel and sewing classes at Montavilla Sewing Center. "I think it's fascinating to see how easy it is and how beautiful the results," said Joyce, who sat behind Lisa's left shoulder." Within two hours -- despite interruptions! --Lisa had created a soft turquoise neck scarf with three cables.
"I wouldn't buy sweaters anymore if my wife could do this," one watcher said. His wife took one of Lisa's class flyers.
The next machine knitting class starts Tuesday, Oct 26, 6-9 pm
In 6-weeks students learn how to cast-on, cast-off, striping, increasing, decreasing, ribbing, and cables. Students put together a notebook of knit swatches as well as create a piece of wearable knit.
"No need to own your own machine," Lisa says. Portland Sewing provides the machines and tools for this class. "No experience required, just enthusiasm and desire to create your own knit garments in far less time than hand-knitting!"
Lisa specializes in knits and studied knitwear in Italy. Most recently, she created garments for Wendi Martin under the WeMa label.
Knitting by machines is one of a dozen classes Portland Sewing is offering this Fall.
Go to www.portlandsewing.com to learn more.

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