Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cute dog gets new duds

Deeg the dog proudly shows off one of her two new dog coats during a recent walk in the park.
Owner Hyun Joo Kim had just finished the Beginning Sewing 3 class when she decided to take on this project. With its mix of camouflage cotton and polar fleece, it was a bit trickier than the fabric Kim used for her Beginning 3 project. And then, there was the issue of fitting a pattern to a dog.
“While I made a lot of mistakes, [the second one] came really better looking and it fit my dog. I am very pleased.”
Kim admits that the Boston terrier-pitbull mix “is the love of my life.”
If you could ask Deeg, we bet she would say the same about Kim. She’s so toasty now in her new coat, that even on a cold December day, she can take a moment to stop and smell the roses.
Kim plans to take patterning, draping and more sewing class in 2011.

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