Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to de-wrinkle tulle + latest projects

Q. Can you tell me how I can iron tulle if it's all wrinkled? Can I just use a pressing cloth & low
heat? I have never used it in a sewing project before, but I would like to try using it.
A. You are right to be cautious. Tulle can be made from primarily silk, polyester or nylon. If it is a 1/8' mesh and is inexpensive, it's likely to be nylon. And if it's nylon, an iron can melt it. So yes, you can use low heat and a press cloth. But better yet, hang it on a shower curtain in a steamy bathroom or use a steamer.

And now, here are the latest products from some of our students at Portland Sewing:
Margie Yap shows her finished Dietrich dress in rayon knit. She made it in two sessions during Intermediate Sewing: Knits using a Portland Sewing pattern.

Keely DiPietro shows off the back of a jacket she designed (thanks to Fashion Design
class), patterned (in Pattern 3 class) and made (she's in Tailoring now) using fabric consigned from Janeane Marie (former student and Project Runway contestant).

Janet Rivera is proud of the apron she made in Learn to Sew level 1. Students in LTS learn basic survival stitches while making their aprons. They also learn techniques used in the apparel industry while they become friends with fabric, commercial patterns and their sewing machines.

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