Friday, October 7, 2011

We're #2!

Despite strong reviews from audience members and judges, Chicago Harper lost Portland Fashion Week’s emerging designer competition to Grishley, a Pendleton-backed women’s wear line.

Judges liked the strong design, construction and fit, but as one observer noted, most of the voting audience members were women and “they are going to vote for what they understand and can wear.”

Chicago Harper also showed Spring 2012 garments, in line with what other nationwide fashion shows would offer. Grishley’s garments were wool, more appropriate to the rainy and cold Fall weather on the day of show or “what the audience could wear today.”

But, as designer Joshua Buck said, “We’re proud to have honorable mention. Menswear is a difficult market to enter and it shows we won attention.

“What’s more important is how well we do at Portland Fashion Week Market on Sunday.” At the market, buyers can take a look at the runway and new, more ready-to-wear samples. Chicago Harper will take orders for Spring 2012 delivery.

Or as I like to say, Chris Daughtry didn’t win American Idol and look how well he did.

For a wrap-up of the emerging designer show, here’s a link to Marjorie Skinner’s article for Mercury on Design.

Photo: Michael wears the epaulet tank top and arch pants in blue plaid. photo by Rhys.

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