Monday, November 7, 2011

Full house greets Project Runway's Becky Ross

Becky Ross wants to design for real women. That's her proclamation from her Sunday, Nov 6, "Brunch with Becky" at Portland Sewing.
Real women are America's average women: 5'4", sizes 14-16. "They are the forgotten majority," she said. "We have plenty of clothes for the young and slender but any for the rest of us is hard to find and, frankly, boring." Ross is on the hunt for backers who will hire her or help finance her vision for her clothing line.
Her pronouncement was met with cheers from the audience. They peppered her with questions for two hours:
What was her favorite challenge? The avant garde challenge with the middle school art students. "I got many comments on the dress with the boxes, but I liked it."
What was her worst challenge? The team challenge with Anya and Josh Mc. "I tried to be a team player but it backfired." She hated the garment that purportedly came from her but she hadn't, in fact, designed.
Who was her favorite person on the show? Tim Gunn. "He's a real sweetheart."
Was she prepared for Project Runway? She was excited and ready to win. "But no one can be prepared for the hours and constant series of challenges." She slept for a week after she returned from the contest.
Would she do it again? "It's made me a much stronger designer. I have a much clearer vision of who I am and what I want to do."
And one of those things will be to teach a special class at Portland Sewing. Look for an announcement soon!

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