Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some facts about industrial machines

Q. What is the difference between my [home sewing] machine and an industrial sewing machine?
A. Let's compare your home sewing machine to an industrial lockstitch machine such as the Juki DDL-8700:
-- The Juki is much faster. Your machine sews 250-1000 stitches per minute. The Juki: 5500 spm. What makes it so fast? Industrial machines come with a 21"x47" power table with a heavy motor. The base of the machine sits in machine oil to keep it cool and lubricated as you sew.
-- The needle doesn't disengage when you fill a bobbin. It flies up and down furiously as you press the foot pedal. So make sure there's no thread in the needle.
-- The shank of the Juki needle is round. The shank of your machine's needle is flat in the back. Every industrial machine has its own style of needle while your machine's needles can be used in every home sewing machine. You can't use home sewing needles in an industrial machine.
-- Your machine threads typically from front to back. The Juki's threads from left to right.
-- The best part: You have a knee lift to raise the presser foot. Your hands need never leave the fabric. This is an option only in the more expensive home sewing machines.

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