Monday, June 6, 2011

Unraveling thread confusion

Q. I'm so confused! What kind of thread should I use for sewing a skirt?
A. Here are four of the most common kinds of threads you'll see and where to use them:
All-purpose = Use for general sewing.
Best – Polyester. Use this for your skirt. Since it’s made from long, staple fibers, polyester is strong, durable and colorfast. Brands: Mettler, Gutermann.
Okay – Cotton-covered polyester. Because it is wrapped, it can shred and break. But it's less expensive and has more color choices. Brand: Coats and Clark. Don’t buy "bargains." Throw away old spools.
Cotton – Use for quilting. Not pre-shrunk so if it’s used in clothing, the seams will pucker in the first wash.
Rayon – Use for decorative stitching such as embroidery and serging. Not strong enough for general sewing.
Silk– High sheen and high-priced. Use for couture sewing.

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